Growing up in Milwaukee, Randy started his engineering career recording live to two track anywhere he could find good music.  After starting his own label, he made his way to Chicago working his way up to Mastering Engineer at RCA Records in 1963.  It was there Randy had the opportunity to work with Motown Records and many of the top acts on the label.  Earning gold records for his work with Alice Cooper, he had the pleasure of mastering other popular acts at the time like The Guess Who and Lou Reed. Then the opportunity to move to Nashville in 1972 led him to work under Chet Atkins first for RCA and later branching out on his own with Randy’s Roost.  Mastering albums for Waylon & Willie, Alabama and Johnny Cash, Randy became one of the most sought after engineers at the time.  When the digital age arrived the business name was changed to DiscMastering and Randy helped design one of the First Neve Digital Transfer Consoles in the World.  Mastering for many Indy labels like Blacktop, Narada and AIR Gospel, Randy saw more and more people restoring old tapes and acetates that had never been heard before.  Much like his love of Archaeology, Randy still enjoys unearthing lost music and sharing them with the world.